Shooter Information

If you have any questions contact the Match Director at or on the Contact Us page


In addition to IDPA rules, we require compliance with the following rules which are specific to our club. These may be different from what you’re used to. Keep the following in mind at all times:

  • Any unsafe actions, at any time, by any competitor, will result in being disqualified (DQ’d) from the match
  • Any “muzzle over the berm” firearm orientation will result in disqualification
  • Eye and ear protection are required at all times
  • Tri-County Gun Club is a COLD RANGE
    • Firearms are to be in an unloaded condition, and in a case, when arriving at our range
    • Firearms are not to be handled at/in your vehicle
  • Please use the Safe Area tables (located in each bay) to transfer unloaded firearms to/from holsters/cases
  • No ammunition is allowed on the Safe Area table and ammo cannot be handled in the Safe Area


  • Excessive arguing or derogatory comments made by any competitor in regards to their own unsafe actions will result in permanently being banned from future IDPA competitions hosted by TC-IDPA
  • If you do something unsafe, own it, be humble about it, and don’t do it again
  • Petitions for calls deemed questionable must be made to the Match Director

IDPA is a volunteer sport

Please help out when and where you can by setting up and tearing down. Everyone needs to tape.  If you want to have certain people designated on squads to tape and others to collect brass, clear it with your SO.


No personal video is allowed without the Match Director consent, which will be required at every match.

Function Testing

Firing to function test your weapons or ammunition is not permitted at a club match.  Proving a weapon is your responsibility. Do it on your own time.  New shooters should make sure their equipment and ammunition is functional before they arrive.

Scoring Verification

All shooters have an hour after scoring is complete to verify scores.  You will be notified via email that scoring is completed.  Please record your scores after you shoot for verification purposes.
Results are posted to Practiscore within a few hours, sometimes minutes, of the last shot of the match. To find the results:
1. Go to
2. In the Search Box on the upper right enter TCDPL

Brass rules for IDPA

If you want to keep your brass, mark it and pick it up.  If you’re picking up brass for your squad, be sure that you are placing marked brass on the table so that it can be collected by its owners.  Taking brass that belongs to others is not acceptable, unless they have vacated the bay.  Once a competitor has vacated the bay, the brass becomes public domain.