New Shooter

Sherwood Defensive Pistol League is an organization of private individuals that hosts defensive pistol competitions for the enjoyment of IDPA members in Sherwood, Oregon. Whether you just purchased your first handgun or you’ve owned one for years (but never competed) you are welcome to join us!

Before Match Day:

  1. Contact the Safety Officer: One week prior to the match, contact the Safety Officer and provide your name and contact information so that we may contact you (you’re expected to reply to e-mail that we send to you, so use an appropriate e-mail address). You can contact the Safety Officer at or use the Contact Us page. You will receive an e-mail reply within 48 hours that will include questions. Answer the questions, and expect follow-up e-mail communication. Ask to register for the mandatory new participant orientation (space is limited and advance registration is required).
  2. Read the New Shooter Information.  The information below will help make your day more enjoyable if you take the time to read it before the match. This information covers the rules you’ll need to follow, the equipment you’ll need, and the general protocols. Being familiar with this material ahead of time will make the day go better for you, the Safety Officer, and your fellow shooters.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask via email or at the New Shooter Orientation. (Some of the materials below haven’t been updated to reflect the 2015 v1.1 rulebook.)

Match Day:

You must have competent shooting skills to participate. Remember you are responsible for every round you discharge.
Match Times:
0715 SO Briefing
0745 Setup starts
0800 Registration – Pay/Verification
0815 New Shooter Briefing Meet on  Bay 1
0900 Registration ends
0930 Match Start

  1. Signup: When you arrive on the ACTION RANGE at TCGC you will need to go to the green stat shack, and pay your entry fee ($20 cash). Please arrive early to register at 0800. Registration ends at 0900.
  2. Attend the New Shooter Orientation: The orientation starts at 8:15AM. It’s normally held in Bay 1. Attending the briefing is mandatory.  If you are late, you don’t shoot.  Being on time for the orientation is YOUR responsibility.
  3. Be Safe and Have Fun: You have two main objectives to shoot a successful match: Proving to yourself that you can shoot safely while following the course descriptions, and proving to those around you that you are safe and competent handling firearms.  Therefore, don’t go too fast, listen to the SO, and have a good time.  We’re looking forward to seeing you at our match.
  4. Results are posted to Practiscore within a few hours, sometimes minutes, of the last shot of the match. To find the results:
    1. Go to
    2. In the Search Box on the upper right enter TCDPL