Code of Conduct

2017 IDPA Shooter Responsibilities and Code of Conduct
By participating in IDPA Matches, I agree to the following:

A.) I understand that it is a privilege, and not a right, to be an IDPA Shooter.
B.) I will follow all of the safety rules of IDPA and the host range. The safety of the shooters, match officials, and bystanders shall always be my primary objective.
C.) Prior to and during a match, I will refrain from the use of alcohol, substances, or medications that may negatively impact my ability to shoot safely.
D.) I will maintain a current IDPA membership after my third match.
E.) I will maintain an accurate Classification by shooting a Classifier at least every 12 months unless a Master or Distinguished Master Classification is attained, a Match Performance Promotion has occurred in the last 12 months, or a Sanctioned Match has been completed in the last 12 months without DNF or DQ. See rule 9.2 for more details.
F.) I recognize that it is my responsibility to maintain a working knowledge of the current IDPA rulebook.
G.) I will adhere to the IDPA purpose and principles and will not willfully break any IDPA rule.
H.) I will listen carefully and refrain from talking during shooters’ briefings and stage briefings.
I.) I will refrain from any action that distracts shooters, safety officers, and other competitors during the match.
J.) I understand it is my responsibility as a squad member to be ready to shoot when called to the line.
K.) I understand it is my procedural duty as a squad member to help reset stages between shooters unless I am the current shooter, the on-deck shooter or have just finished shooting, unless instructed otherwise by a match official.
L.) I will not communicate with others in a threatening, harassing, or abusive manner.
M.) It is my responsibility to check my match scores within the verification period to see that they are correct.
N.) It is my responsibility to check my Classifications in the on-line database to verify that they are correct and to initiate corrective action if they are not correct.
O.) If I have a question or an issue, my first contact is with the CSO at the match, then the MD, then the AC, then IDPA HQ.
P.) I understand that violations of these responsibilities and Code of Conduct will result in my being penalized by the MD within the full range of penalties up to and including disqualification from a match, and may result in the revocation of my IDPA membership.