2019 Schedule

Match Details:
** No High Muzzle Reloads***
$20 to play!!
$25 to register in one regular match division and one specialty division!!
Specialty Divisions are:
– PCC for Pistol Caliber Carbine
– COP for Carry Optic Pistol
– LLP for Light and Laser Pistol
Bays 1- 6 on the Action Range
New Shooter briefing is required for all new shooters to Tri-County Gun Club

*September 1st is our BBQ Match. If you want to enjoy the BBQ you must pre-register for this match. If you dont, we can’t guarantee you a plate.

Match Times:
– 0800Setup
– 0830 Registration – Pay/Verification
– 0900 New Shooter Briefing Meet on Bay 1 (Please arrive early to register at 0830)
– 1000 Match Start

All matches are the first Saturday of the month and sometimes a bonus match on the 5th Sunday. Check the schedule.

Match Results:
Results are posted to Practiscore within a few hours, sometimes minutes, of the last shot of the match.  To find the results click or paste this link: https://practiscore.com/results?search=Tcdpl

Match Dates:

Date Description Rules
1/05/19 Regular Match
2/02/19 Regular Match
3/02/19 Regular Match
3/31/19 Regular Match
4/06/19 Regular Match
5/04/19 Regular Match
6/01/19 Regular Match
6/30/19 Regular Match
7/06/19 Classifier Match
8/03/19 Regular Match
9/07/19 CANCELED
9/29/19 Regular Match
10/05/19 Regular Match (BUG friendly)
11/02/19 Living Dead Match  
12/07/19 Regular Match
12/29/19 Regular Match