Oregon TCDPL April 1, 2017 IDPA Classifier

Oregon TCDPL April 1, 2017 IDPA Classifier

Apr 1, 10:00am - Apr 1, 3:00pm

Tri-County Defensive Pistol League
13050 SW Tonquin Rd
Sherwood, OR  97140 Map

$15.00 to Play
Click on the "Tickets Available" Link to pre-register.

This is a Classifier Match. This match is for IDPA classification and you must be an IDPA member to participate in this match. There are no specialty divisions for this match. New shooters without IDPA member numbers will not be permitted to participate.

Open to the public...please email: contact@tc-idpa.org
for further information.

• 0800 Setup crews assemble by the stat shack.
• 0900 New Shooter Briefing on Bay 1
(Must be on time)
• 0830 – 0900 Registration & Payment – $15 cash
(at the stat shack)
• 1000 Match Start

Results are posted to Practiscore within a few hours, sometimes minutes, of the last shot of the match. To find the results:

1. Go to practiscore.com/results (New Window)
2. In the Search Box on the upper right enter TCDPL
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9 interested  ·  10 going

I am looking at recruiting a few more SO's so that we can have five squads of shooters instead of four. This will help make the match flow a bit better. If you are interested in becoming an SO and have a year of IDPA shooting experience under your belt. Please respond to this post and I will get in touch with you. Thank you,

Rico Suave
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Mr. Suave, yes I am interested in becoming a SO. IDPA ID A915134

Count me in (503) 970-1475

Mr. Suave, Tell Shaun I would be interested if we need SOs.

I'm interested

Good Morning,

Bend will be holding a classifier April 8th. Start time is currently planned for 10am start.

If you are interested in shooting their classifier or attending their IDPA matches, please contact Tommy King at tking@tmkalaska.com or Tom Allen at bigal@bendbroadband.com

Thank you,

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I hope you all enjoyed the match yesterday. Thank you for coming out and shooting with us in the rain. Congrats to the division winners. We had 50 shooters and thats pretty good for a rainy day. We're going to have to break into 5 squads here pretty soon the way were growing. PCC is growing slowly. I think we had 4 PCC shooters and 1 COP (carry optic pistol) shooter. Note that the scores for the special divisions will show up on Practiscore, but they will not show up on IDPA.com.

Remember to sign up for the April 1st classifier as soon as possible. I would like everyone that intends to shoot this match to pre-register.
You can register for up to three divisions. REV, BUG, or (SSP, ESP, CCP, CDP). Registration for one is $15, +5 for the 2nd and +5 for the 3.

To participate in a Tier 2 or higher sanctioned match, you must have a classifier in the divsion you intend to shoot. The classifier is good for up to one year.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you,

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PCC is pistol caliber carbine right?