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Greetings. You may receive a couple of these emails.

Due to the severe weather warnings for high wind for tomorrow, the match on April 7th is cancelled. Please pass this around as I would hate for people to show up tomorrow.

Please note there is a special 5th Sunday match on April 29th and another the Saturday following on the 5th of May. They are both posted on PractiScore for registration. Thank you.

Thank you,

"your name here"
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At Johnson Creek correct?

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I went full semi-auto and I liked it.


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How does one join this Team? Who's the Person to contact? PM with info pls.


If you are planning to shoot the WA State match or the Red Oktober match. Registration for both is tomorrow. We are creating a text group to relay information about planning for squadding, hours, travel, other gatherings at the event, etc. This came in really handy last year when a members car broke down and we were able to coordinate with our group to pick them up. If you are interested in being on this list, please email me, text me, or leave a message here and I will contact you and add you. Not everyone is on Facebook, so text is usually best.
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add me to the Wa State thread.

Add to WA as well. Also SO if needed

Add me too.

toss me in for WA state as well please

not sure how fast it fills up.. but practiscore shows 128slots left

Pretty quickly

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For those of us with the dilemma between the USPSA CCS match and the WA State IDPA championship, we now have a better solution. Kristine Hayes has graciously made a provision for several of us to shoot Friday with staff so we can shoot the WA State match as planned. I'd like to thank Kristine for her assistance in this matter. Thank you. ... See MoreSee Less

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